Senior Bs

Allenton Senior Bs have a focused and diligent attitude towards all aspects of the game. The coaching team has a lot to offer players and we are always looking for new players to increase squad numbers in all positions. The coaches ensure every player knows their role and their importance within the team to ensure success.

Players work on fitness, agility, ball skills, power and speed to ensure they are match ready. We have a strong social element to the Senior B culture and through this players build solid friendships. In addition to this, we are a family orientated club and these friendships lead to individual families becoming part of the wider Allenton rugby family.

We are cognisant of the role junior teams have in the club and we want to encourage as many juniors as possible to call Allenton their club through to Senior level. We do this by ensuring Senior B players have an active role in the development of our young players by attending junior games and being involved in their training.

We have a diverse and young team with each player bringing their own unique set of skills and we would welcome any new players to join our developing success within Mid-Canterbury Rugby.


Allenton invests passionately in youth rugby. Both the facilities and coaching are of a very high standard. Coaches include both former players and committed parents resulting in highly organised and skills -based training sessions which have resulted in teams both enjoying training and match days with some outstanding development across both individuals and teams.

All coaches are qualified via the Rugby NZ pathways including all safeguarding checks and the safety of players is paramount as the children move into contact. Allenton’s JAB section is one of the strongest in Mid-Canterbury rugby with one or two teams fielded in almost every age group and combined teams with other clubs where necessary.

Central to our coaching process is a child’s development of the key skills within a play environment. Children will be playing with their peers utilising a series of game-based drills that allow them to fully engage and progress in a competitive environment. All children of all abilities are valued and fully included within this environment with maximum participation at all times in training and games.

We welcome new players to the club. For children the rugby experience is about many things. Primarily children need the core skills of catching passing and tackling firmly embedded first. Also central to a child’s rugby development is understanding team work dynamics, their role within this, and a respect for team mates alongside an appreciation and enjoyment of the game.